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Our Story

Ed's grandsons, George and Alexander Hillary, proudly wear the Collection that bears their name. Peter Hillary and The Edmund Hillary Collection have created a range of premium clothing that inspires the adventurer, and captures the essence of Ed in every one of its individually crafted products. A percentage of the sale of each item goes to support causes that were close to his heart – helping the people of Nepal, and outdoor activities for young people around the World.


Design Inspiration

The Edmund Hillary Collection takes its design cues from the 1953 Everest Expedition, and Edmund Hillary's subsequent adventures in the Antarctic. It combines style with function to create a unique look for today. Materials and construction techniques from historic garments have been used to create statement pieces that will stand the test of time.


Giving Back

In support of his charitable legacy, a percentage of the sale of every Edmund Hillary product goes to support causes which were close to Ed's heart - helping the people of Nepal, and outdoor activities for young people around the world.



Ed Hillary had one of the most remarkable lives of the twentieth century - he was the first man, along with Tenzing Norgay, to climb Mt Everest, he made the first crossing of Antarctica to reach the South Pole using machines, and he built airstrips, schools and hospitals for the mountain people of the Himalayas. He was high commissioner and ambassador to India and Nepal, he wrote books, made films and led expeditions, including one of his personal favourites, taking jet boats up the river Ganges. His actions inspired people to live dynamic and adventurous lives.

The 'Hillary Step' at 8700 metres on Mt Everest stands out, not just as the vertical guardian of the summit of the world's highest mountain, but for the symbolism of going the extra distance to greatness.

The summit

The Grandsons

Ed's son Peter and his grandsons George and Alexander continue his adventurous pursuits, currently attempting the 7 Summits - The tallest mountains on each of the 7 continents.

The Edmund Hillary Collection

"Our Collection is made with high quality materials in timeless heritage designs. I hope you enjoy them."

- Peter Hillary

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