Coffee in the Khumbu

The Himalayas isn't just a destination for those seeking an adrenaline rush. Away from the relentless struggle of high altitude mountaineering as well as the chaos that accompanies modern mountaineering tourism, you can always find a taste of normality across the Khumbu.

Coffee shops and bakeries provide a welcome treat for trekkers and climbers; espressos, cappuccinos and yak butter croissants fill the air across the Mount Everest trail.

In this image, I am enjoying an espresso in a little coffee shop in a town called Khumjung, sitting at 3,800 meters. Behind me is Khumjung school, which was built by my Grandfather's Himalayan Trust back in 1961. This coffee shop is owned and run by a former Climbing Sherpa; a dual-Mt. Everest summiteer who has since traded the slopes of Mount Everest for the espresso machines of Khumjung.

George Hillary

Photography by Alexander Hillary

George Hillary