Q and A with our newest Explorer – Martina Wegman, Slalom Canoeist  


Tell us about your connection with Edmund Hillary and his legacy?


Edmund Hillary was a name that I grew up hearing about in Holland – the Kiwi that conquered Mt Everest. When I moved to New Zealand in 2010, I have discovered there is so much more to it. The Edmund Hillary legacy is much more than just climbing a mountain. It’s a story about how important it is to use your resources as opportunities to do amazing things in the world. In New Zealand I have been lucky enough to meet, travel and adventure with Ed’s grandson Alexander. We kayaked in Stewart Island together and I learnt more about Ed’s absolute commitment to incredible causes. Its name and reputation I am happy to wear. 

What do you like about Edmund Hillary Clothing?

The Edmund Hillary Brand is the perfect fit for what I do. I’m constantly moving between the high performance sports environment, adventuring in the great outdoors and urban city life. The range is perfect to transfer between each. It’s comfy, classy and fits really well! Plus I’m really happy with the quality. Another thing that I have loved learning about is the brand’s complete commitment to ethical production, and that is something that is really important to me and my values. 

Where have you worn Edmund Hillary so far?


The Edmund Hillary Collection Range has been a key part of my kit on a few recent adventures. I spend a lot of time in Auckland training for the Tokyo Olympics at the Wero Whitewater Park in Manukau. I’ve always got my Yeti jacket in my bag. In the middle of winter I circumnavigated Stewart Island and always had my merino thermals handy. They were amazing, we were out for 12 days, full adventure spec. Camping on the side of the island in some blistery conditions and they were incredible for the diverse conditions out there. Recently, I explored the Arthur’s Pass region of the Southern Alps and walked the three passes. The weather constantly changed from blue skies to gusting southerly to heavy rain so the Edmund Hillary collection was just amazing. (Kayak / Hike / Trail / Training)


Tell us about Martina Wegman


I’m a Dutchie in New Zealand – but definitely have some of the Dutch stereotype in me. Tall, blond, down to earth, open-minded and I guess slightly more direct than Kiwis. I enjoy traveling and I’m passionate about the outdoors, sport and pushing myself somewhat outside of my comfort-zone. I get energised by others and love positive vibes!