Our objective was to create the best Merino layers in the world using 50 years of knowledge and experience from the mountains, the consumers, the knitters, the pattern makers and the wool growers.

Through special combination of knowledge and experiences we chose a different track to provide you with the most versatile thought-out range of garments!


Why is it different?

We started at the beginning with the very best Merino from Blenheim in New Zealand, Mountains, snow, sun and sea air, completely traceable to the Station its grown on. We only take the centre of the Merino fleece giving us the strongest most consistent fibre length.

Our knits have been created for us in New Zealand by artisan knitters enabling us to provide the best strength and density with 1887 stitches per square inch which is 25% more than the next highest in the market.

It’s the little things that go unnoticed but that count that we have included, these add to each styles longevity, fit and feel.

We use Merrow stitching which is sometimes known as overlock sewing or overlocking is the process of wrapping thread around fabric, yielding an efficient and uniform stitch on all critical seems, using 3 times the thread and allowing the Merino to stretch and move naturally and removing abrasion next to the skin.

This in turn provides not only a better fit but increased longevity, how things use to be done.

All garments are hand crafted in New Zealand by specialised machine operators who are incredibly proud to have their name on their own label sewn into each garment.