I don't know if I particularly want to be remembered for anything. But there's no doubt that the building of schools and medical clinics has given me more satisfaction than a footprint on a mountain

Sir Edmund Hillary

Ed Hillary knew a few things. He knew ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. He knew that everyone has the power to make a difference, and he knew it's what you do, not what you say that counts. His remarkable achievements, attitude and generosity define his legacy, which still lives on today.

The Edmund Hillary Brands Trust

In support of his charitable legacy, a percentage of the sale of every Edmund Hillary product goes to support causes which were close to Ed's heart - helping the people of Nepal and outdoor activities for young people around the world. Trustees of the Edmund Hillary Brands Trust include Ed's son, Peter Hillary.

Edmund Hillary

If you have plenty and someone else has nothing; then do something about it!

Sir Edmund Hillary

Helping the people of Nepal

Edmund Hillary worked with the people of the Mt Everest region of Nepal to help fulfil their educational, health, economic and cultural aspirations. Everything he did was a collaboration with the local people and at their request. He built 30 schools, 2 hospitals, 12 village clinics, 3 airstrips and provided thousands of educational scholarships. Ed Hillary partnered with people around the world to establish foundations to support this work and these organisations will be among those that we will support. They include foundations in the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, Australia and NZ. The Edmund Hillary Brands Trust will support programmes in the Himalayas.

People of Nepal

Supporting young people around the world in adventurous pursuits

Ed Hillary discovered his love of mountaineering as a schoolboy in New Zealand's rugged outdoors. His first taste of adventure had a profound effect on his life. After climbing Mt Everest he encouraged young people to learn and develop through a range of adventurous activities. Some of the funding from the Edmund Hillary Brands Trust will go towards supporting outdoor activities for young people, providing experiences that can change their lives.

All photos courtesy of The Royal Geographical Society in London, the Auckland Museum in New Zealand and the Hillary Family.