My father's adventurous spirit lives on through our family and now through the Edmund Hillary Brand. Together we continue his legacy into the future.

Peter Hillary

Our Story

Edmund Hillary was a mountaineer from New Zealand who, with his climbing partner Tenzing Norgay, became the first to climb the world's highest mountain. Their ascent of Everest on 29 May, 1953 was one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century.

Edmund Hillary is a new premium lifestyle clothing label - inspired by Edmund Hillary and his climb on the 1953 Mt Everest Expedition.

Just like the 1953 expedition, the Edmund Hillary Collection is a collaboration between New Zealand, Great Britain and Nepal.

An important motivation for the brand is to keep Edmund Hillary's legacy alive, inspiring people around the world to do things they thought they couldn't do, and continuing his philanthropic work. Go to Giving Back to learn more.

Edmund Hillary

The garments take their lead from the classic styles worn by Sir Edmund Hillary and the 1953 Everest expedition team, with a modern edge. In many of the garments we have replicated the original fabrics and construction methods used in the original expedition.

The brand has a strong New Zealand personality, but is influenced by British design, with the design team in England and the marketing team in New Zealand. Most manufacturing is in UK, Europe and New Zealand, with the intention of also developing capability in Nepal.

The Edmund Hillary Collection has been created to inspire the adventurer and capture his essence in every one of our individually crafted products.

Adventure for the sake of a dream, for the pleasure of searching

Sir Edmund Hillary

The collection continues Ed's philanthropic legacy, with a percentage of the sale of each item going to support causes that were close to his heart - helping the people of Nepal, and outdoor activities for young people around the world. Go to Giving Back to learn more.

Edmund Hillary

All photos courtesy of The Royal Geographical Society in London, the Auckland Museum in New Zealand and the Hillary Family.