Ethical Policy

Ethical sourcing and production is of utmost importance to the Edmund Hillary Collection. 

We only use the highest grade ethically-sourced goose down and feather, sourced from Minardi Piume in Italy.  We can guarantee that our down is a by-product of the poultry industry, harvested from the nests of geese and not from live plucked or force-fed birds. 

Minardi Industries is an integral part of the animal protection project promoted by EDFA (European Association of Filling Padded Producers), ensuring the geese are well-treated. All EDFA members are committed to a documented traceability system.

All our products are made from the highest quality natural materials, many of which replicate the fabric used in the 1953 expedition.  Our garments are produced in the UK, Europe, New Zealand, Ecuador and India using ethical and sustainable production.  We are working to establish manufacturing in Nepal.

Real horn used in the manufacture of buttons is ethically sourced as a by-product of farming.