We recommend that all garments are stored in a dry room so that they do not become damp. Ideally jackets are hung up on a clothes hanger so they maintain their shape. Knitwear should be folded neatly rather than hung which can result in the garment becoming misshapen.

Please refer to the care label sewn inside the garment for cleaning instructions. If you have any specific questions please contact us at


All our jackets are dry clean only. They should be taken to a reputable professional dry cleaner when cleaning is required.


Our t-shirts and sweatshirts can be machine washed. We recommend that products are washed inside out, separated into similar colours and washed on a cool wash as is possible. Placing items in a net laundry bag can help prolong the life of a garment.


All our knitwear items are hand wash only. We recommend hand washing in cool water and then drying the garment on a flat surface flat to retain its shape.


Can handwash only items be washed in a washing machine?

We advise caution when washing an item on cool or wool wash cycles as these can still damage the product. For best results please handwash in a basin, hand squeeze them dry the item on a flat surface.

Can merino baselayers be washed in a washing machine?

Our merino baselayers are the exception to the rule. They can be washed in a cool machine cycle. Please note this applies to our New Zealand baselayers only and not our Italian merino crew neck, half zip and v neck which are hand wash only. Please refer to the care label for instructions.

Can knitwear be dry cleaned?

Yes knitwear can be dry cleaned by a professional dry cleaner and this does help it retain its shape. You should avoid dry cleaning too often as the chemicals in the process can damage the pure wool that we use.

I have shrunk an Edmund Hillary knitwear item in the wash. Will you replace it?

All of our knitwear has been tested and if the care instructions are followed carefully, the garments should retain their size and shape. Regrettably, therefore, we are unable to exchange the item if it has been damaged through washing. Please do contact us at if you do have any concerns and we will do our very best to help you.