Hillary Enamel Mug - 350ml  Inspired by Ed's original 1953 mug

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Inspired by Ed's famous 1953 enamel mug, featuring the replica 'HILLARY' label used on the Everest Expedition and our exclusive shield. This unique small enamel mug from the famous British company, Falcon, makes a wonderful gift or addition to your adventure kit. Manufactured from heavyweight steel and thick enamel for extra durability.

There is very limited supply of these mugs this year so now is the time to get your hands on one.

The mugs are 8.5cm high and hold 350ml liquid.

Heavyweight steel coated with thick enamel.


Lemon juice can remove stains from Falcon enamelware products, such as tea stains on mugs. Soaking the products in warm soapy water will help remove baked on food, but avoid using abrasive sponges or brushes as this may scratch the surface. Coating your pans in a light layer of oil before cooking can help with cleaning after use.


The outer porcelain layer can chip if dropped, revealing the steel beneath it. When this happens the steel below naturally oxidises and the enamelware remains safe to use. Plus, in our opinion, it gains a little more character..

The Collection

Developed with Sir Edmund Hillary's children and grandchildren, the Edmund Hillary Collection was created to inspire the greatness of Sir Edmund Hillary in us all. With greatness sewn into the seams of every Edmund Hillary garment.


This Collection has been developed using the best specialist manufacturing. There is the highest attention to quality and detail, having sourced and developed bespoke fabrics and trims with new function and design qualities.